Conference 2024 of the European Citizen Science Association

Citizen Science: Fostering Environmental Awareness and Energy Transition in Educational Settings.

In her presentation, Smriti Safaya discusses the impact of environmental citizen science activities on youth attitudes, knowledge, and behavior towards nature. She found that engaging in citizen science projects can lead to positive changes in how students perceive and interact with the natural environment. Co-creating projects had a more significant impact, but even one-time participatory activities increased student knowledge and environmental behaviors. As a result of enriching citizen science experiences, teachers at an international school revamped their science program to include a long-term coastal ecology citizen science project, while students and teachers at a local school started a movement to promote sustainable consumer behavior in society. Furthermore, biodiversity and pollution citizen science activities influenced which psychological factors most affected student pro-environmental behaviors. The presentation offers practical insights for project designers, environmental scientists, and educators seeking to create impactful citizen science opportunities in educational settings.

Meanwhile, Luke Gooding’s presentation focuses on the potential of citizen science in aiding an energy transition. He collaborated with Sarah West and Rachel Pateman on this project. The research aims to bridge the gap between citizen science and energy transition research by exploring the reasons for their limited integration, such as disciplinary boundaries, institutional frameworks, funding mechanisms, and policy frameworks. The study reviews current citizen science projects related to energy transitions, analyzing their objectives, methods, results, and obstacles. Successful case studies are highlighted to demonstrate the various ways citizen science has been used to tackle energy challenges.

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