Scientists create highly potent ultraviolet laser with LBO crystals

Chinese Academy of Sciences Breakthroughs in DUV Spectrum: A New Alternative to ArgonFluoride Lasers

A new breakthrough by researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has opened up possibilities for more applications in the deep ultraviolet (DUV) spectrum. The researchers used a LBO crystal to achieve the highest power output for 193 and 221 nm lasers, which could lead to advancements in existing DUV applications and enable new possibilities in the field.

This achievement is significant for various fields, as lasers in the DUV spectrum are already used in areas like defect inspection, spectroscopy, lithography, and metrology. Typically, the ArgonFluoride (ArF) laser has been the go-to option for generating high-power 193 nm lasers for applications like lithography. However, with this new achievement by the Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers, the use of LBO crystals may present a viable alternative for achieving even higher power output in the DUV spectrum.

The researchers’ use of LBO crystals allowed them to achieve higher power output compared to traditional ArF lasers. This breakthrough is expected to have significant implications for various industries that rely on high-power DUV lasers, such as semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics. The ability to generate even higher power output from LBO crystals could lead to advancements in existing DUV applications and enable new possibilities in the field.

Overall, this breakthrough by Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers represents a significant step forward in the development of high-power DUV lasers. With this achievement, we can expect to see advancements in various industries that rely on these powerful tools.

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