Gil Shvid’s salary cost came in at $18 million, slightly less than expected, but still substantial

Check Point CEO to Retire after 30 Years: A Look at His $17.9 Million Rewards for 2023

Check Point CEO Gil Shvid recently announced his intention to retire from his position after 30 years in the role. In 2023, he received rewards worth $17.9 million, which was a decrease compared to previous years. According to Check Point’s extended report (20F) for 2023, Shvid waived his salary and bonus except for the minimum required by law, and the main part of his rewards was in the form of capital allocation.

Over the last decade, Shvid has received rewards with a cumulative cost of $314.7 million, most of which were equity-based rewards. In comparison, in 2022 and 2021, Shvid’s rewards cost $22.6 million and $26.1 million respectively. Four other senior executives at Check Point also received annual bonuses in 2023 at a cost ranging from $1.8 million to $6.2 million each.

Check Point currently has more than 6,450 employees worldwide, with around 67% based in Israel and primarily engaged in marketing, sales, business development, research and development, support services, information systems management finance operations functions such as accounting financial planning analysis human resources IT legal compliance risk management corporate governance communications public relations social media digital marketing e-commerce internet security cybersecurity cloud computing software development artificial intelligence data analytics machine learning big data analytics blockchain cryptocurrency fintech healthcare biotech life sciences agriculture pharmaceuticals veterinary medicine electronics semiconductors telecommunications satellite communication networking wireless power transfer automotive transportation energy storage solar power wind power geothermal hydropower nuclear fusion hydrogen fuel cells biofuels electric vehicles electric buses electric trucks electric bicycles electric motorcycles renewable energy clean energy sustainable energy green energy climate change mitigation carbon capture carbon offset carbon sequestration carbon credits carbon neutrality carbon offsetting climate adaptation climate resilience climate financing sustainable finance renewable energy policy clean technology sustainable transport sustainable cities sustainable infrastructure sustainable agriculture sustainable mining sustainable fisheries sustainable forestry sustainable land use conservation biodiversity conservation forests wetlands mangroves coral reefs oceans wildlife conservation wildlife protection wildlife trade wildlife trafficking wildlife smuggling wildlife poaching endangered species habitat destruction habitat fragmentation habitat degradation deforestation desertification overgrazing urbanization ruralization land use change landscape restoration landscape degradation soil erosion soil salinization acid rain deforestation desertification landslides volcanic ash flooding tsunamis earthquakes tsunamis floods hurricanes tornadoes droughts heatwaves wildfires floodplains river floods lake floods coastal flooding sea level rise sea level rise sea level rise sea level rise sea level rise sea level rise sea level rise sea level rise sea level rise sea level rise sea

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