Brandon Marshall Reveals the Worst QB He Played with in his 13-Year NFL Career, Citing Skills as the Issue

Chasing Greatness: Brandon Marshall’s Quest for Quarterback Excellence in the NFL

Brandon Marshall’s NFL career spanned 13 seasons with six different teams over the course of twelve years, from 2006 to 2018. Throughout his time in the league, Marshall played with a total of 17 different quarterbacks, most notably Jay Cutler during his time with the Denver Broncos and the Chicago Bears.

In a recent interview, Marshall described Cutler as the worst quarterback he played with, not because of what Cutler did on the field but because he felt that Cutler didn’t reach his full potential. Despite this sentiment, Marshall did enjoy success with Cutler in 2012 when he caught a career-high 118 passes and totaled over 1,500 receiving yards.

On the other hand, Marshall named Ryan Fitzpatrick as the best quarterback he played with. This was based on their successful season together in 2015 while playing for the New York Jets where they co-led the NFL in receiving touchdowns. Fitzpatrick’s leadership and play on the field made a lasting impression on Marshall and solidified him as one of the best quarterbacks that he played with.

Throughout his career, Cutler’s time with the Chicago Bears was marked by mixed success. The team appeared in NFC Championship game in 2010 season but fell short of achieving a Super Bowl appearance. No Bears quarterback has thrown for 4,000 yards or 30 touchdown passes in a single season since then.

Overall, Marshall’s experiences playing with different quarterbacks and teams shaped his perspective on the league and solidified his performance as a wide receiver throughout his career.

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