How to Make Chef Robert Irvine’s High-Protein Shake with Only 5 Ingredients

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine: Staying Fit and Fabulous on the Go with High-Protein Shake Recipe

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine is not only known for his culinary skills but also for his fitness enthusiasm. He is always on the go and makes sure to have supplies to make protein shakes wherever he travels. One of his favorite recipes is a peanut butter banana shake that he enjoys after a workout, which contains 44 grams of protein and a balance of healthy fats and carbs for energy.

When preparing for a trip, Irvine brings along personal food prep tools, even if he’s traveling to film a show or take part in a charity event. He eats every two and a half hours to keep his muscles and metabolism strong, requiring him to pack protein powder and a blender to fuel his workouts while traveling 345 days of the year.

Irvine’s high-protein shake recipe includes banana and peanut butter, made with protein powder, peanut butter, slivered almonds, a banana, and low-fat milk. It provides the perfect balance of carbs for energy, protein for building muscle, and fats to help you feel full, making it the ideal post-workout meal for a busy schedule according to Irvine.

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