Celebrating Planet Down Syndrome Day with mismatched socks

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – A Fox Hollow Elementary College kindergarten class is celebrating Planet Down Syndrome Day in a distinctive way.

Ms. Nichole Pincock’s students wore mismatched socks in honor of their classmate Conner Summers. 

Conner has down syndrome.

His mother explains the significance of the socks.

“The mismatch. So chromosomes on a karyotype appear like small tiny socks. And Connor has 47 chromosomes exactly where the rest of us, the majority of us have 46. And so due to the fact they appear like small tiny small socks, we have been crazy socks, and it just sparks the conversation of why are you wearing crazy socks? And it brings that potential to speak about down syndrome and bring awareness to it,” Kaitlyn Summers stated.

Conner’s teacher Ms. Pincock loves possessing Conner in her class.

“When I very first began out, I was a small hesitant. I did not know how I was going to meet his desires. But Connor has been so adaptable and so eager to attempt that it really is it really is been superb. It really is been a superb chance for the other youngsters in my class to encounter compassion and discover that it really is okay that not everyone is the similar,” she stated.

Planet Down Syndrome Day is commonly observed March 21 nevertheless, Ms. Pincock’s class will be on spring break subsequent week, and Conner’s loved ones did not want the class to miss out on this particular day. 

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