Advancing Our Economy: EPB Supplier Diversity Day Driving Growth

Celebrating Diversity and Empowering Entrepreneurs: EPB Hosts Supplier Diversity Day

EPB recently hosted a Supplier Diversity Day to celebrate the community’s small and diverse businesses. The event, held at the Chattanoogan Hotel on May 23, was aimed at supporting underserved populations within the community and providing them with equal opportunities to contribute based on their value proposition.

Kristin Copeland, EPB’s manager of minority and women owned businesses, emphasized the importance of engaging with suppliers, contractors, vendors, and individuals interested in doing business with EPB. She highlighted how events like Supplier Diversity Day can help these businesses expand their opportunities and grow their operations.

Chanda Chambers from Chambers Welding and Fabrication shared her experience at the event, emphasizing how crucial such events are for new businesses seeking to establish relationships with organizations like EPB. She encouraged other businesses in Chattanooga to follow EPB’s example in supporting small businesses and fostering community growth.

The event showcased the importance of collaboration between larger organizations and smaller, diverse businesses in driving economic development and fostering innovation in the community. Attendees like Michael Jones, owner of Special Touch Landscape, shared their success stories highlighting the impact of networking opportunities provided by EPB in helping their business grow.

EPB’s commitment to supporting small and disadvantaged businesses serves as a model for other businesses to follow in creating a more inclusive and thriving business environment in Chattanooga. By working together with local entrepreneurs from all walks of life, larger organizations can foster creativity and innovation while contributing positively to the community’s growth.

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