Feedback Sports Commemorates Two Decades with Special Edition Pro Mechanic Repair Stand

Celebrating 20 Years: Feedback Sports and its Limited Edition Pro Mechanic Repair Stand

In 2004, Feedback Sports was founded in Golden, Colorado by Doug and Lisa Hudson. The company began with a bike-specific scale called the Alpine Digital Scale and has since grown to include iconic red anodized repair stands, tools, and Omnium trainers. Despite its growth, Feedback Sports remains family-owned and operated in Golden alongside other well-known biking companies such as Yeti and Spot.

All members of the Feedback team are avid cyclists, making the Golden location ideal for bike enthusiasts with access to top-tier road, gravel, and mountain biking trails. The company supports various bike advocacy groups, trail-building initiatives, and youth cycling programs, reflecting its commitment to the sport.

Professional mechanics worldwide rely on Feedback repair stands and tools for their lightweight, compact design and easy portability. While popular at high-profile events like the Pro Tour and Olympic competitions, Feedback products cater to cyclists of all levels. Whether you’re a mechanic or avid rider, Feedback’s innovative designs benefit riders across the board.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Feedback Sports has released a Limited Edition Pro Mechanic Repair Stand crafted with gold anodized aluminum tubes featuring a 20th Anniversary badge and a machined gold anodized aluminum release button. Each stand comes with a padded travel bag and only 1000 have been made. You can find these limited edition repair stands at independent bike shops or directly from along with other products from this family-owned company that continues to support cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

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