The Arab world applauds the UN decision as a crucial and essential move

Ceasefire in Gaza: Global Leaders Call for Humanitarian Aid and Peaceful Resolution to Crisis

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has emphasized the importance of freedom of movement for Palestinians and accessibility to humanitarian needs in all areas of the Gaza Strip, including heavy equipment for clearing rubble. Hamas, a terrorist organization, also called on the Security Council to pressure Israel to adhere to the resolution. Saudi Arabia welcomed the UN Security Council’s decision for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during Ramadan, leading to a permanent ceasefire, the release of hostages, and increased humanitarian aid for civilians in the Strip.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry welcomed the ceasefire decision in Gaza after months of military operations by Israel. The ministry emphasized the need to stop bloodshed, prevent civilian losses, and provide humanitarian aid. Jordan too welcomed the ceasefire resolution and urged Israel to comply while ensuring continuous humanitarian aid to all parts of the Strip. Various blogs and websites were discussed on topics like online betting games, free images dental clinics, slot games and more. Articles on various subjects were showcased on different platforms.

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