Global Carnival Celebrations Reach Peak Joy in New Orleans, Rio, and Cologne as Lent Nears

Carnival Celebrations: A Colorful and Political Affair

Carnival celebrations are in full swing across the Americas and Europe, with New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro being standout locations for the festivities. Each city has its own unique customs, but there are also common themes that make these celebrations universally enjoyable.

Parades featuring elaborate floats and costumed dancers are a staple of Carnival. In New Orleans, dancers wear feathered headdresses as they gyrate and strut through the streets. In Salvador, crowds gather around music trucks to enjoy the rhythms and beats of local musicians.

As the weekend progressed, more elaborate costumes were seen on parade floats. In Madre de Deus, Brazil, revelers even wore costumes made from beer and soda cans during a parade on Sunday. In New Orleans, a reveler strolled down Bourbon Street wearing an intricately beaded hat adorned with gold butterflies.

Carnival celebrations are not without their political commentary, however. In Cologne, Germany, a float depicted Vladimir Putin eating Ukraine with the words “Choke on it” lettered on it. In New Orleans, caricatures of politicians such as Donald Trump and Joe Biden were featured on floats during the festivities.

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