Upcoming ‘Science of’ episode to focus on capturing eclipse moments

Capturing the Science of Total Solar Eclipse Photography: An Enlightening Event at North Water Brewing in Kent

On Wednesday, April 3 at 6 p.m., the “Science of” program will be back in full swing, with an eclipse theme at North Water Brewing, located at 101 E. Craine Ave in Kent. The event, titled “The Science of Total Solar Eclipse Photography,” will feature Jerry L. Jividen as the keynote speaker. As a seasoned photo instructor and well-known for his photograph of the Kent Mill fire featured on the cover of Firehouse magazine, Jerry will showcase his own eclipse photographs and provide valuable tips on capturing stunning images safely and effectively.

During the talk, attendees will discover how to use the unique light of the eclipse to create captivating compositions beyond just images of the sun and moon. Afterwards, there will be a question and answer session for those interested in learning more about this fascinating topic.

If you’re interested in attending this enlightening event or other downtown activities happening in Kent, visit the Main Street Kent website at or follow their Facebook page at for more information!

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