Witness a SpaceX rocket photobombing the moon in an incredible award-winning photograph

Capturing the Moon: Photographer Pascal Fouquet’s Dedication and Skill Win First Place in Sony World Photography Awards for Rocket Launch Moment

Photographing a rocket transiting the moon is a challenging task that requires exceptional skill and dedication. Pascal Fouquet, a photographer from Orlando, Florida, was able to capture such an elusive moment and won first place in the United States’ National Award category of the Sony World Photography Awards 2024. This program is a joint venture between Sony and the World Photography Organization and receives thousands of photo submissions from around the world.

Fouquet took his winning shot during the USSF-52 mission launch, just before the new year. With less than 48 hours to prepare for this opportunity, Fouquet chose an unconventional location – an open field behind a hospice center 13.8 miles away from the launch pad. Using his Nikon D850 camera, he set his shutter speed to capture the details of the moon rather than the rocket, capturing the split second moment when Falcon Heavy passed in front of it. This was the seventh launch for Space Force’s secretive X-37B space plane, which remains in orbit at this time after its last mission lasted over 900 days.

The photograph showcases Fouquet’s talent and commitment to capturing such a rare moment. His work has been recognized and awarded at both national and international levels, highlighting his expertise as a photographer. The partnership between Sony and the World Photography Organization provides photographers with a platform to showcase their work and receive recognition for their skills.

Overall, Fouquet’s achievement demonstrates how dedication and skill can lead to capturing unique moments in photography that are truly one-of-a-kind.

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