Crossroads District Businesses Remain Optimistic as Voters Consider Sales Tax Proposal

Business Owners in the Crossroads Express Concerns About Stadium Sales Tax and Its Impact on the Community

Jill Cockson, owner of the Chartreuse Saloon in the Crossroads District, expressed similar sentiments as Matt Adkins while waiting for the results of the stadium sales tax vote. Both shared concerns about the future of their businesses and the community as a whole.

Adkins, who has been a Royals fan for 12 years and owns The Pairing business in the district, said he is feeling anxious and uncertain about what may happen if the vote passes. He is stocking up on inventory but worried about what it could mean for his business and the community. Other business owners in the area share his concerns and are feeling terrified and mentally drained by the situation.

Cockson emphasized that preserving the culture and arts scene in the Crossroads is important to her, as it is a cornerstone of the community. She believes that it’s essential to maintain this unique character and spirit, regardless of what happens with stadium sales tax.

Despite these challenges, Adkins and other business owners in the Crossroads remain passionate about their neighborhood and its people. They believe that they are what make it special, not any infrastructure or stadiums.

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