Releasing Two Hamas Hostages in Gaza: Updates on the Israeli Operation in Rafah

Breakthrough in Gaza: Release of Two Hostages Marks End of Israeli Offensive

Israel announced on Monday that it had released two hostages in Rafah, the final target of its offensive in the Gaza Strip. This news gives hope to the families of those still held in Gaza. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, had ordered an offensive on Rafah, a city located on the border with Egypt and home to most of Gaza’s population. Hamas, which rules Gaza, warned that such an operation would “torpedo” any agreement for the release of its hostages.

On October 7th, around 250 people were kidnapped by Hamas from Israel and taken to Gaza. A week-long truce allowed for the release of 105 hostages in exchange for 240 Palestinians detained by Israel. However, before releasing the last two hostages, Israel estimated that 132 were still detained in Gaza, of whom 29 were believed to have died.

The hostages were Fernando Simon Marman (60 years old) and Louis Har (70 years old), two Israeli-Argentinians who were recovered during a nighttime operation carried out jointly by the Israeli army, Shin Beth (Internal Security), and police. Israeli forces burst “with explosives” into a building where the hostages were held and a shooting took place. The Air Force also carried out strikes, killing many terrorists and one Israeli soldier.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised “our courageous warriors” for their role in obtaining the release of the hostages. The Hostage Families Forum also congratulated the soldiers of the Israeli army for their strength and bravery in achieving this goal.

Rafah has become the last refuge for Palestinians trapped on the closed border with Egypt, numbering 1.4 million according to the UN. Several states have warned of a “humanitarian catastrophe” if an assault on Rafah is launched due to its overcrowding

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