Breaking Down the Challenges to Healthy Nutrition in Senior Citizens

As people age, maintaining good nutrition becomes increasingly important to maintain strength and reduce the risk of disease. However, healthy eating can become more challenging as health issues and reduced activity levels can lead to a decreased appetite and difficulty planning and preparing meals.

Several common barriers to healthy eating for older adults include decreased appetite, difficulty planning and preparing meals, and lack of access to healthy food options. However, there are resources available to help overcome these barriers and maintain good nutrition.

Parkview Health offers a local resources database that connects older adults with assistance for food, housing, health services, transportation, and legal support. This database provides valuable information on local resources that can help seniors maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. Additionally, the Parkview Residency Center provides the opportunity for seniors to have a resident physician as part of their care team. This allows for an individualized care plan with oversight by highly qualified physicians and access to the latest health information and treatments.

For more information about Parkview Health’s local resources database or the Parkview Residency Center, visit It is important to remember that this information should not replace the advice of a doctor, but rather provide helpful guidance in maintaining good nutrition as we age.

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