Pernille Blume, Olympic swimming champion, joins World Aquatics Bureau

Breaking Barriers: Pernille Blume and World Aquatics Dedicate to Gender Balance in Decision-Making

Pernille Blume, a three-time Olympian for Denmark and gold medalist in the 50m freestyle at the Rio 2016 Olympics, is also a double Olympic bronze medallist and three-time World Champion. She works in the health and wellness field and created the online wellness platform Align by Blume. Blume’s expertise adds to a Bureau at World Aquatics that includes 18 national-level aquatics athletes, 14 of whom competed at the Olympic Games and collectively won 8 Olympic golds and 23 World Championship titles.

The organization is dedicated to ensuring an inclusive and balanced community where both men and women have equal opportunities in decision-making processes. To achieve this goal, World Aquatics recently welcomed nine women to join the Bureau, bringing the total number of women to 15 out of 39 members, achieving a gender balance of 39 percent. President Husain Al-Musallam stated that this proportion will be the minimum for future Bureau compositions, with the ultimate goal being a 50-50 split between genders.

The Bureau is made up of the World Aquatics President and 39 Bureau Members, including Continental Representatives, World-at-Large representatives, and the Athletes’ Committee Chairperson. The current term of office for a Bureau Member is four years, renewable twice, with the next Bureau to be voted on at a World Aquatics Congress in 2025.

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