Snow Bike World Championships 2024: A Social Roundup

Bikes and Snow: A Case for Separating the Two in Winter Sports Events

The idea of mixing snow and bikes is not a practical or logical one. Instead of using bikes as substitutes for skis in slalom skiing, fatbike XC courses could be a better alternative. These courses would still require the fundamental skills of XC racing but in a unique format. Another suggestion would be to create a “skiercross but on bikes” event, similar to Dual Slalom but with larger and more elaborate courses. Using bikes with skis instead of tires on these courses could add an extra level of excitement.

For those who enjoy riding fatbikes through snowy woods, leaving snow as the domain of skiing may be a more suitable and enjoyable option. This would allow people to stick to traditional activities for snow sports and leave the mixing of snow and bikes for other wintertime events. Overall, it’s important to consider all options carefully before making any decisions about how to incorporate different activities into winter sports events.

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