The Impact of the US Election on the Global Stage

Biden’s Foreign Policy Take Center Stage: Stephen Walt Analyzes Upcoming US Presidential Election

According to Stephen Walt of Harvard Kennedy School, the upcoming US presidential election will see foreign policy taking center stage. While the economy has not been as beneficial to Biden as anticipated, he lacks significant success stories to highlight in his foreign policy. In a recent interview with Ian Bremmer on GZERO World, Walt discusses the potential impact of a second term for either Biden or Trump on US foreign policy.

Walt suggests that while there may be some differences in approach between Biden and Trump in terms of foreign policy, these differences may not be as stark as some believe. For example, on key issues such as China policy, Biden has continued many of Trump’s approaches, with a particular focus on high-tech. However, Walt acknowledges that there are crucial distinctions between the two candidates when it comes to their attitudes towards globalism and nationalism.

Despite potential similarities in outcomes in regions like the Middle East and Ukraine, Walt believes that Trump’s second term could lead to a less supportive stance towards Europe and NATO. He emphasizes that Trump is a nationalist and unilateralist, while Biden is more of a globalist and internationalist. This fundamental difference could significantly impact US foreign policy moving forward.

To learn more about these insights and analysis, viewers can tune into GZERO World with Ian Bremmer every week on or on US public television. Local listings should be checked for the show’s schedule.

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