Biden Cautioned Xi Jinping over China’s Backing of Russia

Biden and Xi: A Delicate Dialogue on Russia and Global Tensions

US President Joe Biden recently spoke with China’s leader, Xi Jinping, expressing his concerns about China’s support for Russia amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. The conversation took place after a nearly two-year hiatus since their last meeting at a summit in California. Reports suggest that the call was meant to serve as a “check-in” as global tensions continue to escalate.

During the hour and 45-minute discussion, Biden and Xi addressed several contentious issues, including the partnership between China and Russia. Despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine more than two years ago, China has continued to support the country economically by providing an alternative market for Russian goods that have been banned in the West. This support has helped Russia navigate Western sanctions and rebuild its defense industry during a critical period in the conflict.

Russia’s ability to diversify its trade partnerships has been crucial in sustaining its economy amid ongoing global scrutiny. China’s backing has played a significant role in this strategy, with Chinese firms engaging in lucrative trade deals with Russian companies to access energy supplies and provide essential resources to Russia. This cooperation has allowed Russia to evade some of the economic pressures imposed by Western countries.

The conversation between Biden and Xi also touched on several potential flashpoints between the US and China, such as Taiwan, territorial disputes in the South China Sea, and conflicts in other regions like Israel and Gaza. The leaders have previously discussed these issues during their interactions in 2022, highlighting the complex dynamics at play in their relationship.

Overall, the call between Biden and Xi underscored the delicate balance of power between the two superpowers and the need for ongoing dialogue to address shared concerns and manage potential conflicts effectively.

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