President Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders collaborate to advocate for decreased health care expenses

Biden and Sanders Join Forces to Lower Health Care Costs: A Look at their Successes and Challenges

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders met to discuss the administration’s efforts to lower the cost of health care products, like inhalers. The event took place at the Indian Treaty Room in the White House as part of a campaign to highlight Biden’s accomplishments ahead of upcoming elections.

During the event, Biden acknowledged his long-standing fight with Sanders to reduce health care costs. He praised their successful efforts to combat Big Pharma and emphasized the importance of the legislation he signed into law in 2022 that caps health care expenses for those on Medicare, making products like insulin and prescription drugs more affordable.

Despite popular support for these initiatives, no Republican lawmakers voted in favor of the legislation. Biden’s team and Democratic officials believe that his achievements in lowering health care costs are significant but may not be fully appreciated by voters yet. One of the key efforts highlighted during the event was the push to limit the cost of inhalers to $35 a month, which can be very expensive without insurance.

Sanders expressed his gratitude to President Biden for his work on this issue and expressed his commitment to continue collaborating on health care affordability. Sanders and Biden, former rivals in the Democratic presidential nomination race, have since worked together to shape party policies. The combined efforts of these political figures reflect a commitment to making health care more accessible and affordable for all Americans.

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