English World Podcast: Episode 39 – Cherry Blossoms

Beyond Words: Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan and the Impact of Inflation on the Timeless Tradition.

In the 39th episode of the Kyodo News podcast, three journalists, including Yamaguchi-san, Horiuchi-san, and Toma, discuss the annual practice of cherry blossom viewing in Japan and how recent inflation has affected the amount of money spent on it. They share their thoughts on this beloved tradition and reveal where they went to see cherry blossoms this year. Additionally, the podcast mentions an article that highlights how inflation has impacted budgets for cherry blossom viewing in Japan.

The Kyodo News podcast is geared towards English learners and offers a unique perspective on news writing and translating challenging Japanese phrases into English. Listeners can expect to hear journalists delve into a wide range of topics, from Peruvian food to retro Japanese games to Japan’s maglev train. The podcast also features a photograph of people admiring full blooming cherry blossoms at a 1-kilometer avenue along Tokyo’s Meguro River on March 25, 2023, capturing the essence of this beautiful tradition in Japan.

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