Changes in Local Gastronomic Culture: Enjoy a Delicious Meal!

Beyond the Menu: The Evolution of Eating Out and its Impact on the Food Industry

In the mid-1990s, I visited America for the first time and it was an overwhelming experience that left me in awe. The country had huge houses, wide streets, and spacious host families. Food was also a major part of my experience, with staging happening in diners and posh steak restaurants. Even yogurt couldn’t just be yogurt – everything was low cal, low carb, or fat-free. I ended up gaining 25 extra kilos from all the food experiences.

Fast forward to present day and we see a similar trend developing with a new focus on food and dining. Eating out, picking up, and having food delivered is now a daily norm, reflected in people’s spending habits. Restaurants that want to appeal to this new trend must offer more than just the standard menu and deliver what the digitally-savvy community wants: a social environment and an experience. This shift in the food industry is becoming increasingly important.

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