Arkana Ceca, a criminal turned singer and widow of a war criminal, refused to give up: ‘He protected Serbia…’

Beyond Borders: Ceca and the Controversial Music Tour in Croatia

In March, the widow of war criminal Zcarongeljko Razcaronatovi Arkan, Ceca, was scheduled to have a concert in Maribor. However, this plan sparked controversy among Croatian citizens due to her past as a Serbian singer and her marriage to a war criminal. Despite criticism, Ceca believes that music transcends politics and borders and remains unshaken by extreme minority attacks.

Ceca was born in 1973 in Prokuplje, Serbia and is known for her status as one of the most famous Serbian singers of all time. Her fame came after she married Arkan, the commander of Serbian paramilitary units. However, their marriage was fraught with legal issues involving crimes of genocide against Bosniaks, crimes against humanity, and grave violations of the Geneva Convention. As a result, Ceca served sentences and faced numerous challenges and controversies throughout her life.

In a recent interview, Ceca spoke about how she handles negative publicity and her plans to avoid Croatia. She also shared details about her married life with Arkan and the attempts made to assassinate him. Despite these challenges, Ceca remains committed to pursuing her passion for music while avoiding any potential political or legal issues that may arise from it.

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