Chao Featured in Los Angeles Business Journal’s Nonprofit Section

Beat the Heart Disease Drum: Derek Chao Leads Greater Los Angeles Heart and Stroke Walk to Advance Cardiovascular Health

Derek Chao, MD, the CEO of Optum West, is taking a stand against cardiovascular disease as he leads the 2024 Greater Los Angeles Heart and Stroke Walk. This annual event, held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, aims to raise awareness and support for the American Heart Association’s mission to advance health and hope for all individuals.

As chairperson of the walk, Dr. Chao emphasizes the importance of collective action in combating heart disease and stroke, which are leading causes of death in both the U.S. and worldwide. He encourages companies and organizations to join him in this fight by volunteering, fundraising or donating to make a positive impact on health and communities.

The Greater Los Angeles Heart and Stroke Walk brings together local businesses and organizations to combat these diseases through employee health initiatives, corporate engagement programs, and community health initiatives that drive meaningful change. Sponsored by Optum, UCLA Health, Providence, Keck Medicine of USC, and Amgen this year’s walk coincides with the American Heart Association’s 100th anniversary.

Dr. Chao’s leadership underscores the significance of coming together to support this important cause. Through his efforts and dedication towards advancing cardiovascular health he aims to bring awareness about how small actions can make a big difference in our lives. Visit to learn more about how you can get involved in this fight against heart disease and stroke.

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