Yankees Predicted to Finish in Last Place by Baseball Reference

Baseball Reference Predicts Pessimistic Outlook for New York Yankees, but Fangraphs and BetRivers Have Higher Expectations

The stat analysts at Baseball Reference are predicting a pessimistic playoff outlook for the New York Yankees in 2024. According to their projections, the team has only a 2.7 percent chance of making the postseason and winning just 71.6 games, which is worse than some other teams in the league.

However, Fangraphs have a different outlook on the matter, projecting the Yankees to win 88 games and place fourth overall in baseball. BetRivers Sportsbook is also forecasting New York to win 91.5 games, giving them the third-highest odds to win the most games in baseball.

Despite these differing predictions, it’s worth noting that Baseball Reference’s projection is based on their Simple Rating System, which calculates run differential and schedule strength from previous games but does not consider player injuries or offseason changes. This system may seem limited, especially considering the significant changes made to the roster during the offseason.

However, despite their poor performance in 2023, there is hope for improvement for the Yankees with Juan Soto joining the team and a potential full season from Aaron Judge on board. As such, while these projections may be concerning for Yankees fans, they should keep an eye on how things unfold as the season progresses and players continue to adapt to new roles and strategies.

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