Expansion of General Liability Coverage in AXA XL’s U.S. Mid-Market Insurance Business

AXA XL Enhances General Liability Coverage for Mid-Sized Businesses with XL Plus Broadening Endorsement

AXA XL’s U.S. Mid-Market insurance business is enhancing its general liability coverage for mid-sized businesses with a new XL Plus broadening endorsement. This endorsement provides over two dozen expanded protections that go beyond the base policy, covering additional risks that were previously not included.

Chris Fallon, head of U.S. Mid-Market Product & Analytics at AXA XL, emphasized the importance of continuously reviewing coverage to address the evolving risks faced by mid-size clients. By offering a broadening endorsement, mid-size clients can benefit from a more comprehensive insurance package, reducing potential gaps in coverage and enhancing their financial protection against a wider range of risks.

In addition to introducing the XL Plus broadening endorsement, AXA XL’s Mid-Market team is expanding its client offering in the U.S. by underwriting private equity and general industry insurance businesses and establishing a dedicated underwriting team to cater to the insurance needs of mid-sized construction businesses. This move demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing tailored insurance solutions to mid-sized businesses in the U.S., through continuous review of coverage and expansion of its offerings to meet evolving client needs.

Some of the expanded protections included in the XL Plus endorsement are coverage for damage to rented premises, automatic additional insured status, blanket additional insured agreements, and an extension of bodily injury coverage to include mental anguish. These expanded protections aim to support mid-size clients in managing unforeseen events and enhancing their financial protection against a wider range of risks.

Overall, this move by AXA XL highlights its dedication to providing customized insurance solutions that address the unique needs of mid-sized businesses in today’s ever-changing market landscape.

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