Impending strike by on-board staff looms nearer

Austrian Airlines Faces Potential Strike by 3,500 On-Board Staff: Flight Cancellations Loom

Austrian Airlines is facing a potential strike by on-board staff this week, involving at least 3,500 employees. Negotiations for a collective agreement on Sunday ended without any results, and there were no further talks planned for Monday. However, both sides have signaled a willingness to continue talking.

The union has expressed readiness to negotiate at any time, while the airline is also open to discussions. Despite this willingness to negotiate, there seems to be a stalemate in the negotiations. The main contention lies in the numbers, particularly in the AUA’s offer which includes an 18 percent table increase for everyone and 28 percent for co-pilots, but the union rejects this offer due to the way it is calculated. The AUA maintains that they are ready to talk about their offer once there is a substantial movement from the union.

Flight cancellations loom as the strike threat persists. If flight cancellations do occur, the AUA has already offered affected customers a one-time, free rebooking or cancellation of their flights. Passengers have the right to alternative transport in case of cancellations, which could range from flights with other airlines to train or bus journeys, depending on the distance. Passengers would also have the right to compensation if no viable alternative is available.

The possibility of strikes by on-board staff at Austrian Airlines has been looming for weeks now. Negotiations between the airline and its employees had reached an impasse after failed attempts to reach a collective agreement over pay and working conditions.

Despite ongoing talks between management and unions representing on-board staff at Austrian Airlines, tensions remain high as both sides stand firm on their positions.

The main sticking point remains pay levels for workers involved in various roles within the company’s operations.

While management has offered significant increases in wages across all departments, unions have rejected these offers due to concerns over fairness and accuracy of calculations.

As such, a strike threat looms over Austrian Airlines this Thursday and Friday as negotiations come close to collapse.

If flight cancellations do occur as part of this strike action, passengers can expect alternative forms of transportation provided by Austrian Airlines along with compensation options.

However, it remains uncertain whether these measures will be enough to avoid widespread disruptions caused by striking workers across multiple flights.

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