AstraZeneca Launches New Health Technology Company, Evinova

Evinova, a company focused on digital technology solutions, aims to bring its products to market by utilizing already successful solutions from AstraZeneca in 40 countries worldwide. The goal is to improve clinical trial design and delivery, ultimately reducing the time and cost of developing new medicines. Additionally, Evinova aims to bring care closer to patients’ homes and alleviate the strain on healthcare systems.

To achieve this goal, Evinova has formed agreements with two prominent CROs, Parexel and Fortrea, to provide their customers with digital health solutions. To promote industry adoption and expand its global presence, Evinova is collaborating with Accenture and Amazon Web Services.

By working together, the collective efforts of Evinova, AstraZeneca, Parexel, Fortrea, Accenture, and Amazon Web Services aim to accelerate the delivery of life-changing medicines. They also seek to enhance the overall patient experience and outcomes by improving clinical trial design and taking a more holistic approach to patient care before, during, and after treatment.

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