Assessment: Attempting the Component of Your Globe Soft-Serve Ice Cream from Storybook Treats at the Magic Kingdom

The new ‘Part of Your World’ soft-serve ice cream has debuted at Storybook Treats in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.

Component of Your Globe Soft-Serve Ice Cream – $six.29

DOLE Whip ® Strawberry and Purple Cheesecake Soft-serve topped with White Chocolate Crisp Pearls and a Chocolate Seashell served in a Blue Cone.

part of your world ice cream mk 7

We have been extremely pleasantly shocked with how aesthetically pleasing ‘The Tiny Mermaid’-inspired treats have looked.

Despite the fact that the treat is referred to as ‘Part of Your Globe,’ the colors are reminiscent of Ursula.

part of your world ice cream mk 4

The Strawberry Dole Whip was good and refreshing, and precisely what you’d anticipate strawberry-flavored Dole Whip to taste like.

Regrettably, it was absolutely overpowered by the Purple Cheesecake soft-serve. The Purple Cheesecake soft-serve also did not taste a great deal like cheesecake. Rather, it had a heavy artificial flavoring to it which tasted like meals coloring.

The Purple Cheesecake portion of the treat stains, so please beware if you have a light-colored outfit on or if you give this to young kids.

part of your world ice cream mk 5

The White Chocolate Crisp Pearls tasted a tiny strange to us on an ice cream cone. We have observed Disney add this to quite a few of their cupcakes prior to as an added touch, which was fine —however, it was also a great deal on the ice cream.

The seashell was produced of a basic white chocolate. It didn’t add something unique to the treat other than getting visually pleasing.

The blue cone was just a frequent tasting waffle cone.

We have been confused when they handed us this cone mainly because it looked practically nothing like the photo displayed on the counter of Storybook Treats. The colors have been unique and so have been the shells. Apparently, they have an assortment of random shells that they involve on prime of the ice cream.

General, other than it getting quite, it did not “wow” us. We did not want this treat to be portion of our planet.

Are you going to attempt this new ‘The Tiny Mermaid’-inspired ice cream cone? Let us know in the comments.

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