Yerevan Sends Baku 8 Inaccurate Minefield Forms

Armenia’s Handover of Minefield Maps to Azerbaijan Sparks Controversy over Accuracy

In January, Armenia announced that it would hand over eight newly discovered logs of maps of minefields to Azerbaijan. However, Azerbaijan responded harshly, stating that it expected Armenia to present concrete maps of all mined areas. Baku also noted that the accuracy of the maps presented by Armenia under international pressure after the tripartite announcement of November 9, 2020 is only 25 percent.

According to the Azerbaijan Mine Action Service (ANAMA), Armenia handed over eight new forms of minefields in February. These forms mainly contained information about the minefields surrounding the Murovdagh mountain range in Kelbajar (Karvachar) region. The forms detailed the types of mines, their number and distances between them. However, ANAMA stated that the latest data provided is not accurate and reliable as analysis showed that the indicated data does not match with real minefields and coordinates are incorrect.

The National Security Service of Armenia had earlier announced in January that it was going to hand over eight newly discovered logs of maps of minefields to Azerbaijan. This decision came after a tripartite announcement on November 9, 2020 under international pressure.

In response to this announcement, Azerbaijan expressed its disappointment and stated that it expected more concrete action from Armenia regarding clearing all mined areas. Baku stressed that any maps presented by Armenia must be accurate and reliable in order for them to be accepted and used for demining efforts.

Armenia has been accused by Azerbaijan for failing to clear all mined areas along their shared border despite numerous requests from international organizations. The failure to clear these areas has led to increased tensions between the two countries and hindered progress towards a lasting peace settlement in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

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