Kiev Warns of Collapse as Ukraine and Russia Prep for Attack.

Amidst War in Ukraine: Russia Prepares to Mobilize Another 300,000 Soldiers as Concerns of a Push Mount

Amidst a crucial phase of the war in Ukraine, Russia is preparing to mobilize another 300,000 soldiers. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made this announcement during a press conference with his Finnish counterpart, Alexander Stubb. Additionally, Zelensky signed a law to lower the minimum age for military draft to 25 years in an effort to increase the number of men ready to face the Russian military.

The potential for a push by Russia in the coming months is a concern for Kiev. There are rumors of attack areas in both the north and south of Ukraine. Senior officers have warned that there is a risk of the Ukrainian front lines collapsing if Russia launches an attack. Russia has been using advanced technologies and strategies on the battlefield to gain an advantage over Ukraine.

Sources warn that Russian strategy goes beyond simply using “cannon fodder.” Instead, it involves strategic upgrades and advancements in military capabilities. The West has been unable to provide Ukraine with sufficient support in terms of technology, leaving them at a disadvantage against Russia’s advanced tactics. For example, Russia has been testing new tactics such as launching missiles without warheads to gauge their effectiveness for future conflicts.

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