AI Version of David Attenborough Causes Distress for Beloved Naturalist

Sir David Attenborough, 97, has expressed his concern over the potential of an AI version of himself being used to deceive others after seeing an AI-generated video of his voice narrating a programmer’s life. The filmmaker is known for his educational TV programs “Life on Earth” and “The Blue Planet,” and he fears that AI technology could be used to create false versions of him, which could lead to misrepresentation and loss of control over his own voice.

Attenborough’s apprehension about AI has sparked interest in other areas as well, with some indicating their intention to link this technology with wearables and incorporate it into their designs. Another programmer has even shared a video of an AI-generated Steve Jobs critiquing his designs, inspired by the original AI-Attenborough video.

Despite its popularity, the programmer who created the AI-Attenborough has not yet issued a response to requests for comment. However, Attenborough’s concerns are valid and highlight the potential dangers that come with the advancements in AI technology. It is crucial that we remain vigilant and responsible when using these technologies to avoid any negative consequences or ethical issues.

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