Uber Eats driver receives compensation in discrimination lawsuit

AI Bias in Gig Economy Jobs: Uber Driver Overcomes Racially Discriminatory Facial-Recognition Checks to Secure Pay

An Uber Eats driver, Pa Edrissa Manjang, has been paid out after facing “racially discriminatory” facial-recognition checks that stopped him from accessing the app and securing work. Initially, when he began working for Uber Eats in November 2019, the app did not regularly require him to send selfies for job registration. However, a Microsoft-powered Uber Eats app increased verification checks in 2021, leading to his account removal due to “continued mismatches.”

According to an Uber representative, the real-time ID check is designed to ensure the safety of all app users with human oversight to prevent unjust decisions that could impact someone’s livelihood. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU) supported Mr. Manjang’s case, expressing concerns that the facial-recognition AI had unfairly affected his income. The ADCU also highlighted that the number of selfie requests amounted to racial harassment.

Mr. Manjang, who was eventually reinstated and continues to work for Uber Eats in Oxfordshire, emphasized the importance of his case shedding light on the challenges faced by AI in low-wage gig economy jobs. He hoped that his experience would inspire further protections for workers’ rights and particularly those from ethnic minorities. Baroness Falkner, chair of the EHRC, criticized the opaque processes that Mr. Manjang navigated and called for clearer routes to challenge such technology.

Previous cases involving ethnicity bias in technology have raised concerns about its impact on individuals. The case of Mr. Manjang highlights the need for transparency, oversight, and safeguards in using AI in the workplace to protect workers’ rights and especially those from ethnic minorities.

In conclusion, Uber driver Pa Edrissa Manjang’s payout after facing racially discriminatory facial recognition checks underscores the challenges faced by low-wage gig economy workers due to AI bias. His case brings attention to

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