Abbas travels to Doha to negotiate a technocratic government in the PA with Hamas leaders

Abbas Meets with Hamas Politburo in Doha for Peace Talks: The Quest for Stable Growth in Palestine

On the evening of February 11, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), head of the Palestinian Authority, arrived in Doha with the hope of meeting with members of the Hamas Politburo. The Qatari government is serving as a mediator between Hamas and Israel, and Abbas is seeking their assistance in organizing a meeting with Hamas political leaders to discuss forming a government of technocrats within the Palestinian Authority. This new body will be responsible for overseeing the restoration of Gaza Strip.

Under international control, funds can be transferred to aid in the reconstruction process. Abbas believes that this approach will bring stability and growth to both Palestine and Gaza Strip. He hopes that this collaboration between Hamas and PA will lead to a lasting peace agreement with Israel.

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