NFL owners approve radical changes to Hard Knocks: Up to five teams may be featured annually

A New Era for Hard Knocks: HBO’s Upcoming Format Changes in NFL Teams Excited!

In the upcoming 2024 season, HBO’s “Hard Knocks” will undergo a major format change approved by NFL owners. The in-season version of the show will now focus on four teams within a single division, marking a departure from the previous three-team format. This new approach aims to minimize disruption for participating teams during the regular season and ensure that no team gains an advantage through being featured on the show.

The in-season version of “Hard Knocks” debuted in 2021 and has included teams such as the Cardinals, Colts, and Dolphins. With the new rule in place, teams can now opt out if they have a first-year head coach, are scheduled to appear on the show in the upcoming or following season, or have been featured on “Hard Knocks” within the past eight years.

In contrast to previous years, teams that had made the playoffs in the past two seasons were no longer eligible to decline participation. Additionally, the time span for teams to avoid participation due to previous appearances on the show has been reduced from 10 to 8 years. These changes aim to increase the pool of eligible teams for each season and add more excitement for viewers.

Although no participating teams for 2024 have been announced yet, it is expected that these new rules will bring more variety and excitement to “Hard Knocks.” With more teams now eligible for both preseason and in-season versions of the show, fans can look forward to an engaging and dynamic season ahead.

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