Business owner in LA County obliged to compensate for damages incurred during SWAT raid

A Frustrated Business Owner’s Struggle for Justice: The North Hollywood Raid and the Price of Injustice

A North Hollywood business owner, Carlos Peña, expressed his frustration and outrage after a judge ruled that the City of Los Angeles would not be responsible for paying for the damages caused by a SWAT team two years ago. Peña watched in horror as his almost 30-year-old business was destroyed when a federal fugitive stormed in, attacked him, and forced him out of his North Hollywood print shop while law enforcement agencies pursued the suspect.

The intense situation involved U.S. Marshals and the Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT team, with snipers and even a tank present within minutes. After 13 hours of trying to flush out the suspect using tear gas, the operation resulted in Peña’s printers, ink, T-shirts, and banners being contaminated and destroyed. Unfortunately, his insurance did not cover the damages, and his claim for equipment and lost wages was denied twice by the U.S. Marshals.

Despite the extensive damage caused by the operation, the fugitive was not caught, leaving Peña feeling abandoned and disillusioned. The judge’s ruling that governments can seize property during criminal investigations without the obligation to pay for damages left Peña at a loss as he tries to rebuild his business from scratch with only 80% remaining. He now operates out of his garage and has lost his trust in government’s ability to provide assistance when needed most.

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