3D technologies shows that Atleti purpose was not a purpose

Atlético Madrid led the game against Espanyol three- just after 46 minutes, but Espanyol produced an amazing comeback to tie the game and finish it three-three. They, nonetheless, really feel they rightly must have won it.

A single of Atleti’s 3 targets was extremely controversial – the second, scored by Antoine Griezmann, was questionable. Officials very first did not get in touch with it, but then decided to get in touch with it a purpose just after the VAR was unable to ascertain if the ball was more than the line.

Espanyol disagreed with that selection and is taking it up with the Competitors Committee, requesting that the outcome be annulled. This video, produced by architect Nacho Tellado and published on Twitter by Archivo VAR, shows a 3D recreation of the controversial purpose. It essentially shows that not only did the ball not cross the line, but it nonetheless required ten a lot more centimeters to do so.

LaLiga is 1 of the only significant soccer leagues that does not use purpose-line technologies and that continues to develop problems like this 1. If the Competitors Committee decides that the game have to be replayed, it would have to be subsequent week as there are just nine days left in the LaLiga season.

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