Monday’s Adventure: Letting Customers Lead

24-Hour Hackathon: 745 System Upgrades Improve User Experience for Manday

Monday’s User Experience Hackathon was a huge success, as the company’s employees worked tirelessly to implement 745 system upgrades in just one day. The focus of this event was on creating improvements and enhancements that were directly proposed by the company’s users, partners, and online communities. Teams from Tel Aviv, London, and Warsaw collaborated to address over 2,000 suggestions and reported UX issues that had been collected over several weeks. After a selection process, the teams began planning solutions for the ideas chosen during the hackathon.

The driving force behind this initiative is Manday’s belief in the importance of user experience (UX). Ila Narushevitz, director of product design at Manday explained, “This year we decided to put special emphasis on user experience. We set an ambitious goal of developing and correcting hundreds of proposals that came from our customers through a concerted effort in our offices around the world.” The teams tackled a range of customer feedback, from minor visual changes to text corrections and completion of important features to improve the user experience.

Manday has always placed great importance on UX and has established customer relations within its corporate culture. The success of the hackathon demonstrates how customer-centered development can drive innovation and maintain product relevance. By actively involving customers in the process, Manday not only addressed specific system needs but also fostered a sense of community and creativity while establishing a deeper connection with its customers.

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